ROADS: Surely time for action on the A151?

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Recently we experienced another horrendous accident on the ill -fated A151 Whaplode High Road.

For years, local residents have been calling out for action and bringing attention to the dangers of this residential village street being used as a cross-county arterial route. Many campaigns have been raised for a bypass which has always been resisted by Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department.

Following strong representation from local residents the speed limit was reduced to the central government recommended 30mph for residential streets with the addition of crossing points for pedestrians.

Clearly this is not enough. We do not yet know the contributing factors to this latest accident, but we do know that serious accidents such as this can cause misery to all involved.

Whaplode High Road as well as business premises, has many residential homes along it and we must ensure that such an incident as this can never be allowed to be repeated... whatever the reasons . Surely it is time for action by prohibiting heavy traffic from this residential village street and ensuring that such vehicles use the purpose-built roads of the A17/A16 route. It is time to reconsider the bypass discussions and until such times as an alternative safe route for cross-country traffic is decided then we must call for a weight limit to be applied for through traffic through our village of Whaplode.

Coun Malcolm Chandler

Whaplode and 
Holbeach St Johns