ROADS: Peacocks are new menace on our roads

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Recently there has been correspondence about mud on the roads in the area but a far greater menace is also a hazard to driving in the Moulton Seas End area as I have and others are finding out it seems.

Driving through the village and up Common Road towards the A 17 recently I was confronted with four or five peacocks flying out from nowhere across the road in front of me and I just about braked in time and the vehicle behind me nearly ran into my back as I did so.

Thinking this might be an isolated case, I found out a friend who works for a courier firm, went through the same sort of incident a fortnight earlier, when this same flock flew across the front of his van on the A17 before flying down to the farm near the top of the junction; about a year or so earlier he had a Shetland pony wandering about on the same road.

So, perhaps the owner or owners of these large birds could exercise some control over them before there is an accident, as this is irresponsible at best.

While it may be trendy to own these animals, looking after them might be a better idea or are farms turning into zoos now.

J Campbell

Market Deeping