ROADS: Our entire network is in a pathetic state

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Firstly I would like to add that I too am a local of this area born and raised but sadly year in year out we still get horrible amounts of mud on our roads in places.

But I can also say that even though this is not very courteous to other road users in my opinion it’s not as bad or as widespread as years gone by.
Especially when local farmers used to take their own beet into the Spalding factory, that could be very tricky at times but that was then.
My main reason I want to talk of roads is that although mud is a danger it’s not nearly as bad as the pathetic state our entire road network is in.

The government has allocated £976 million to highway maintenance this year... the actual figure required to fix all the defects is in fact a much, much higher sum of money.

Highway engineers have said that road maintenance budgets have been cut every year for the last two decades. The government’s own figures explain why our most valuable asset is on the brink of collapse.

They spend less than one per cent of the asset value in looking after it. I for one am fed up with man holes that are now potholes because the powers that be can’t be bothered in raising them when they resurface.

The way they top dress and go over the white lines, making a ridge along the centre of the road. Try overtaking on a motorcycle on that and you certainly get a wobble on.

The way they never sweep the roads after top dressing, which to me is just a bodge job that annoys everyone with the damage to vehicles.

The numerous painted lines across the road on the approach to certain roundabouts – when these are wet they are like glass.

I could go on but I won’t. But I’d quite happily take one of these highways people or roads minister out on my bike for a ride and let them feel what the roads are really like when they’re not in their company saloon. To me these are far more dangerous as it happens throughout the year not just just certain seasons.

Rob Ward

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