ROADS: New road, but the same old story

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I’ve never been a big fan of the new A16 road Spalding to Peterborough.

I’ve still not changed my mind on why there was not a roundabout on the old Radar Corner and why there’s no passing areas. I’d think it’s the same old story – too many cut backs, money comes first.

I’ve been travelling on the road again most mornings for the last few weeks.

The main problems are the drivers acting like idiots, in fog, with, no lights on, one headlight, on side lights, overtaking blind, tailgating nose to tail, on their mobiles, tractor drivers not pulling over, no patience being shown etc.

I’ve seen it all in recent weeks.

It’s become a race track... put your foot down and aim.

I do recollect that the highways department said it had done a survey, but that was before the road was open. How did it know what the amount of traffic there was going to be?

I’ve not got the answers, apart from looking at the layout again. Does it require speed cameras or passing areas?

The main one: drivers must start acting responsibly and realise it’s not only their lives they are putting at risk but everyone elses. Someone must act now before we have another fatality.

David Barfoot

Shepeau Stow