ROADS: He is right about speed in village

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I have just read Paul Foyster’s article regarding speeding vehicles in Holbeach St Johns. I drive through Holbeach St Johns, Holbeach Drove and Gedney Hill each day to and from work.

I am regularly tailgated by other drivers, even though I am doing the speed limit.

You see the same drivers speeding day in, day out whatever the weather. I would therefore really welcome some way of slowing these drivers down. However, the suggestion of restricting the speed to 30mph by using signposts will not work.

The proof of this is Gedney Hill. Recently the speed limits were changed in there to 40mph, 30mph and then 50mph when travelling through from Holbeach Drove. A few drivers do abide by the speed limit but unfortunately quite a lot more do not, even when there are schoolchildren around. The only way to slow these drivers down is to force them to abide by the speed limit (eg speed cameras, speed bumps, road narrowing, etc) but I imagine that the highways department would say that this costs too much – but then what price do you put on a human life?

Mr Foyster is quite correct when he says “It’s fortunate there has been no major accident so far”. But I have witnessed some very near misses and hope that I never see anything more than that.

Jean Scoot