ROAD SAFETY: Brilliant, well done to lorry driver

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Travelling towards Spalding on Monday at 4.15pm approximately I crossed the roundabout by Crowland. I encountered a line of slow-moving vehicles behind an articulated lorry. A common occurrence on this road.

However, when the lorry reached the first layby it turned off and allowed all the vehicles to go by, before resuming travelling towards Spalding.

Brilliant, absolutely to the driver of Fowler Welch artic., DE63 VYH ,very well done.

This was the first time I have ever seen that level of consideration for other road users on this road since it was opened.

Usually I expect the “The world is going to end, must overtake everybody” syndrome from vehicle owners following slow-moving lorries. But on this occasion it made travelling much safer.Well done to the Fowler Welch driver.

Mike Harrison

via email