ROAD: Ironic that hauliers fronting campaign

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After the initial fanfare over the opening of the expensive and long-delayed A16 from Spalding to Peterborough, it was predictable that within a few years there would be calls for it to be upgraded at further public expense (last week’s Spalding Guardian).

Am I alone, however, in finding it ironic that the haulage companies who are fronting the campaign are the very people whose huge, slow-moving lorries cause most of the congestion?

Might there be a more creative solution to the problem of sending goods from place to place, like making better use of the recently upgraded (at significant public expense) railway line which runs through the heart of Lincolnshire to connect with the mainline network at Peterborough?

Traffic congestion has never been solved simply by covering more and more of the country in tar – just look at the still-gridlocked four-lane stretches of the M25.

The faster you lay it, the quicker new vehicles appear to fill it.

We need to start investing more productively in other ways of getting people and goods from A to B, and that means, amongst other things, bringing our railway network back into public ownership so that it can form part of a coherent national transport strategy.

Martin Blake