ROAD CLOSURES: This is all absolute madness

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I just would like to enquire who is in charge of road closures and works in Spalding as it appears clear to me there is no co-ordination on such works.

Who would allow Woolram Wygate crossing to be closed at the same time as further down Woolram Wygate with slow temporary traffic lights at the bottom of West Elloe?

All traffic being sent down Park Road at most times has little chance of turning left into Spalding as the lights at West Elloe are causing large traffic build-ups.

Also, surely work at the gates should not have started until further down Woolram Wygate was reopened?

In addition to all this St John’s Road is closed as well all week, cutting out an alternative route for some.

As usual this morning no work is being carried out yet on the crossing so why could it not have been closed from say 10am rather than 6am?

This is absolute madness and I am not sure who to contact to find out who is responsiblle.

Andrew Briggs