Rewarded for speaking English

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I too have a child at this school (and also have an elder child who has now left). The Yellow T-shirt scheme, indeed the whole of the “Golden Cloud” scheme, is in my opinion a way to give some “academic” children privileges that most of the average students cannot achieve.

Although I am biased, my child is in fact quite a good student, always hands in homework on time, etc, however has come home recently with the following quote (and very upset): “Today Dad, such and such got a reward.” “Oh that’s ok,” I said. “They probably did a good piece of work”. “No,” replied my child. “They spoke English. I speak English every day and I never get one.”

Whilst this could be deemed having a go at all the new “foreign” students, it is just an example of Spalding Primary School’s inability to have a fair scheme to reward both good behaviour and good work.

The school also treats non-academic children different to academic children, a fact backed up by their “non-competitive” sports day. Whilst my child, in my own words, is not very academic, he can run, but is held back from showing his winning streak as they do not condone races where there is a loser.

Why, then, is this not applied to the classroom, where potentially any child without a yellow T-shirt or their name on the cloud is in fact a loser?

This will eventually install a negative attitude in any child who continually sees his efforts are not rewarded when he puts in the same amount of effort into something different but does get rewarded.

My child is also a good reader, however has recently been told that he “won’t read today as he can already do it and other children need the practice”.

Lastly, my child has handed in homework early as in previous weeks; other children in class have been added to the cloud for doing so. However, it seems to be whatever mood the teacher is in as nothing was given, but the following week it happened again.