REMEMBRANCE: Volunteers needed for Poppy Appeal

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Soon the country will embark on the annual Remembrance tide and, hopefully, everyone will show their support by wearing the red poppy – symbol of our remembrance, gratitude and support for our nation’s armed forces and their families.

The logistics of distributing Poppy-themed merchandise in a town together with its surrounding villages, giving a population of 28,000 plus souls, provides both a challenging and daunting prospect.

This burden is shared by the members of the Royal British Legion and the small collection of volunteers who support us.

Unfortunately age creeps up on all members of any organisation and yet again we find ourselves with dwindling numbers to support growing commitments.

In short, we need more volunteers, young or old, fit or unfit, available for hours or days during the period October 24 to November 11.

I am seeking people to offer poppies and collect donations for them on a door-to-door basis in their own streets, in the town on market days and at Springfields Outlet Shopping on selected days.

Also at Sainsbury’s supermarket and Baytree Garden Centre. We provide static collection points inside those premises which have to be manned.

Neither membership of the Royal British Legion nor even British citizenship are pre-requisites to assist our fund raising efforts – all that is needed is willingness to help and a donation of some of your free time.

People who assisted us last year, as well as giving valuable help, also enjoyed working with the public and had a chance to see the better side of human nature in action. Those volunteers are of course most welcome again this year and I hope will contact me on the number below

The Remembrance tide is between October 26 and November 9 and if you feel you can help this very worthy cause please ring me on 01406 373669 or 07940 240014 and tell me how you would like to help.

Unfortunately the under 16s are not permitted to collect on their own. However they may accompany an adult in order to provide an element of mutual safety.

Please give this appeal your consideration and remember the old adage that ‘Many hands make light work.’

An hour or a day of your time – it all counts.

For those of you who purchase small wooden crosses for family and loved ones, please be aware they can be supplied with regimental or service crests.

As there are some 5,000 crests available and I cannot stock them all, they must be ordered from the Appeal village, so I would ask that I be contacted as soon as possible to order your requirements.

Finally I would like to remind organisations who attend the Remembrance Sunday parade in Ayscoughee that poppy wreaths are available now and it is advisable to check with me that I have your particular wreath in stock.

Peter Lyon

Poppy Appeal organiser

PS: Spalding, Weston, Weston Hills and Moulton Chapel Poppy Appeal total for 2012/13 is £22,622.08. Very well done everyone! Donors and helpers alike.