RELIGION: There are so many Gods to choose from

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I’m also disappointed and not surprised at David Baldwin’s reply to my letter (Christians: don’t have a rainbows and roses view).

Despite making it abundantly clear that I was referring to the pain and suffering experienced by all living creatures, he chose to focus on a species that represents a minuscule fraction of those creations; homo sapiens.

Ironically, his narrow-minded view of what constitutes life on this planet does nothing but support my argument.

He talks about the need to comfort those suffering grief, disability, loss of employment, family break-up, life-changing illness, etc.

Wouldn’t a compassionate God ensure that wasn’t necessary?

As a result, I will continue to believe that any God that exists has much in common with the commandant of Dachau and accepting that it cares for all life is oh so naïve.

May your God go with Mr Baldwin. Incidentally, which God is that? There are so many to choose from.

Andrew MacDonald