RELIGION: Christians don’t have a rainbows and roses view

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I’m disappointed, though not surprised, by Andrew MacDonald’s view of the world presented in his letter to the editor in last week’s Free Press.

Does he seriously think that a Church minister, who must have to help people cope with grief at the loss of loved ones, those coping with old age, disability, loss of employment, family break-up or life-changing illness can possibly have a “...naive view of life”? However, if I were to need support in a time of difficulty, I’d want the support of somebody who could help lift me out of my sadness with a view of the good in life and in humanity, not somebody who’d drag me further down.

Please don’t think that Christians have an unrealistic roses and rainbows view of life; we experience all the things that life throws at everybody else. But we do share a faith that helps us to maintain a balanced view and to press on through the bad times.

And we do have a great support network in our clergy, other leaders and fellow church members to help us maintain this.

True, most of our lives are going to end in tears... the ones of those we leave behind. But those who live the best lives are those who create the most smiles along the way.

David Baldwin

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