Red Lion report breathtaking

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It’s breathtaking to see the report on the Red Lion saga.

It’s amazing to think that so many (seemingly unnamed) people were involved, yet nobody saw anything, nobody knew anything and nobody seems to be held responsible for this whole sorry mess.

I would like to see a breakdown of the figures and where the money went on this project as to this day, I cannot, along with many others, see anything like the quoted six million plus spent as all we ended up with was a small glorified bus shelter called a food hall.

My sympathy goes out to the poor staff who lost their jobs and even the manager left his job mere days after it opened – confidence building or what?

The worrying thought is that with various other projects, both imagined and over-hyped of late, perhaps we ought to have a list of those “involved” in this white elephant insult so when we see them being “involved” in anything that includes thinking or common sense connected with any large expensive ventures, alarm bells would ring.

Perhaps a competence test would be to get each member and shine a torch in an ear and see if anything obstructs the beam from coming out the other ear.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End