Red Lion Quarter has become a byword for crass stupidity and made town a laughing stock

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Having read about the Spalding Elephant (Red Lion Quarter) being sold off in a car boot-type deal from its original build price of £6.5million to a knock down price/gift of £2.4million, it makes one wonder if Arthur Daley, he of mega deals unlimited, was behind it all.

If one bought a car, say, for £6.5m and sold it after 17 months because the ashtrays were full up, cost of petrol etc. for a trifling £2.4m, perhaps others would question one’s mental state.

Amazing to think just how many individuals/wonderful people/committees/consultants/crystal ball gazers and kindred other forces who prefer anonymity it would seem now, were involved in the original concept, its nurturing and its blossoming from an ugly carbuncle to the slab faced glorified bus shelter it has become and a byword for crass stupidity and to make Spalding a laughing stock through no fault of its own.

Apparently it’s “fantastic news” according to one of the quotes but the bit that gets me is that the joint will now be able to offer prestigious offices for local businesses (Who exactly? We have empty offices stacked up around the town), rooms to let to local organisations or individuals to use for meetings (most organisations already have their meeting places) plus creating a food heritage centre (so would assume the humble carrot and spud will be having a trendy make over then) plus “exciting plans” was another to ponder over and all this effectively gives Spalding its own college so perhaps the old routine of keeping a straight face while uttering such stuff helps in the credibility stakes.

The problem I have with this is if this is the case, just why did all these wondrous events/aspirations not happen 17 months ago when it opened?

As the Private Frazer character as featured in Dad’s Army might sum it up: “We’re all doomed, doomed.”

John Ward

Moulton Seas End