RECYCLING: Lottery while other services denied cash

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With all the Lotteries currently going, suddenly a ‘free’ one comes bobbing along from South Holland District Council in the form of a Green Bag Lottery.

There is no financial commitment as such although as ratepayers we are paying indirectly the brains or otherwise depending on your outlook of this venture.

After reading about this idea in the Free Press, the postie drops us a large size fold out beer mat type gizmo that must have cost a bundle to both dream up and produce but oddly nowhere on this gizmo can I find a word as to it being made from recycled material or if it itself was recyclable but a minor point all things considered.

The rules of the game are many with the best ones being we are all entered unless we choose to opt out, recycled items must be presented CORRECTLY in big bold khaki coloured letters and reassuringly certain households will be notified if they have been selected to go through to round two.

Then, further joy, after every three months it’s a case of being entered into the grand prize draw for a whopping £1,000!

The amazing thing is all this is printed in standard issue English and so might exclude quite a percentage in the area unless they go online, assuming they have Internet access that is.

Perhaps the best prize would be for the winner to travel by ozone friendly Yak to the land fill site in Peru or wherever our recycles are dumped so they can come back and educate us mortals in the error of our ways.

It would be interesting to know if the crews who do the actual work in picking the rubbish up in some inhospitable weather at times were told of this wonderful project before we contestants were.

While I am in favour of recycling, I don’t think this is the answer in my opinion.

Can anybody be silly enough to give their details out with their rubbish and then wonder why the council heavy handed mob armed with clipboards, wearing yellow florescent coats, goggles, gauntlets and breathing apparatus turn up on their doorstep to show them how to gift wrap their empty fish finger boxes before putting them out?

While it’s hoped – do we have any choice? – this works out okay as the sad thing is there is cash available for this idea but meanwhile other services are told there is no cash going spare.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End