RECYCLING CENTRE: County council has extended winter!

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I have a question for Lincolnshire County Council. When does winter end?

Meteorologists define winter as the three coldest months of the year which in the northern hemisphere is normally December, January and February.

In astronomical terms winter ends on the equinox – in Britain that is between March 20-22.

I know winter has been dragging on a bit this year but clearly Lincolnshire County Council have another date, rather appropriately, April 1.

Well at least according to the sign outside the recycling centre on West Marsh Road.

Having loaded up my car with a couple of large items, I turned up March 26 believing spring had sprung, but I was wrong – the gates were closed with a sign stating winter opening – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

It didn’t state when summer opening times start, so frustrated, I turned round and headed home with my heavy load of unwanted items.

I then checked on the website and wow, the answer to all my questions.

The reason it has been so cold. Lincolnshire County Council has extended winter until March 31.

Brian Davies

Weston Hills