Real solution is to get more police on the beat

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Firstly, may I congratulate you on bagging an excellent “Q&A” session with John Hayes MP.

From some direct questions emerged a strong commitment to the nuclear deterrent, clear support for massively popular Eurosceptic principles, and a tough approach to law and order.

It’s on this last issue that the emerging proposals about Spalding’s so-called “town rangers” are, however, concerning.

This is not Yellowstone. Surely £100,000 could be far better spent elsewhere? Of course it’s right to be concerned about tackling anti-social behaviour in the town centre, but I doubt such an employee would be around in the evening (the key time) to do it.

More troubling, we shouldn’t expect an untrained individual to do the job of a warranted officer or PCSO when they won’t even have the powers of a traffic warden.

The real solution is to get more police officers out on the street, and that is one reason why the forthcoming election of a Police and Crime Commissioner for the county can make a real difference.

Dr Lee Rotherham