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Readers' Pictures ANL-141006-172201001
Readers' Pictures ANL-141006-172201001
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DECLINING NUMBERS: “I photographed this turtle dove last week as it was flying past me,” says reader Mark Joy. “It is one of the fastest declining bird species in the UK and its numbers have crashed by 85 per cent since 1995. It is famous in the 12 days of Christmas poem / song. After overwintering in Africa some turtle doves come to the UK, where they breed, and to do so, rely totally on wild plants for food. In particular the common fumitory plant/flower which these days is far from common. They are very shy birds and are more often heard than seen, with their song , a purring sound, sometimes heard coming from thick clumps of bushes. Locally, I have seen at least two pairs othis summer that have made it back from Africa. They tend to come back to the same areas year after year and these areas are close to their foodplant and with good breeding habitat.”

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