Readers’ Pictures

Readers' Pictures ANL-140520-165538001
Readers' Pictures ANL-140520-165538001
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DIGITAL TIP: “These pictures were taken by a digital camera with the help of a small microcontroller called an Ardiuno to which I added a PIR (the thing they use on security lamps),” says Grenville Owen, of Cowbit.

“I set the camera on a small tripod and have the camera controller connected to the camera. Any movement is spotted by the PIR and this is fed to the microcontroller ... this sends a signal to the camera to take the shot. The advantage of taking photos like this is not having to use a 500mm lens. In fact these photos used a standard 20-70mm lens and the camera was about 2ft away from the birds. The Arduino is very cheap (less that £15) to make as I bought the parts from China via eBay.”