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Readers' Photo ANL-140509-162542001
Readers' Photo ANL-140509-162542001
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You may have to look closely to realise how amazing this (asdmittedly blurred) photograph is.

Reader Scott Reedman takes up the story: “I was at RAF Coningsby taking videos of the two remaining air-worthy Avro Lancasters a couple of weeks ago. In one of the videos I noticed a bird fly across the screen. As quick as it appears it has gone again. But when I paused the video and saw the image in front of me I couldn’t believe it. The image I have sent you is the exact shot, not photoshopped or touched in any way shape of form, and showing the Lancasters in a perfect three-ship flight formation with a bird. It’s the sort of image you could spend a lifetime trying to achieve yet it was pure chance and luck.”