QUESTION TIME: The whole process was quite tedious

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I am a big fan of BBC Question Time and naturally I was pleased to be invited to the live show at Boston last Thursday. It was a good experience as I met and talked to many like-minded others attending, but as for the show itself, it was a let down.

The whole process lasted about three-and-a-half hours, which was tedious.

The show itself (by any standards) was not one of the best. The questions chosen were predictable and boring; as were most of the the panellists and their answers.

Six questions were offered to the panel, only four were addressed. Far too much time was given to the “immigration question” that re-cycled the same old arguments. No wonder Nigel Farage was smiling so much!

However, by paying attention, I, like many others, noted the startling admission by Tory defence minister, Anna Soudry, that she did not know that Royal Navy Auxiliary ships are now being built in Korea. At first, she aggressively said this was untrue, but when pressed by David Dimbleby, she finally admitted, she didn’t know. This is a person who is the Tory defence minister.

As I left, my final impression was; how on earth can we have any trust and confidence inTory (or any other) government ministers? The only only thing they seem able to pay attention to, get correct, and righteously defend, is their personal expenses claim form.

David Turp

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