Puppy farming: Why was my MP not at debate?

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I am sad but also angry at the apparent lack of interest from our MP Mr Hayes and his absence at last week’s parliamentary debate on the cruel, abhorrent practice of puppy farming.

Vet Marc Abraham spearheaded the PupAid#wheresmum petition, raising well over the 100,000 signatures needed to call for a debate. It has become one of the biggest pet welfare campaigns of all time, supported by many high profile celebrities as well as thousands of us ordinary “guys”

It seems it was not important enough to convince Mr Hayes to represent his constituents. His office stated “he was out of London at the time and unable to attend”. I can’t say I’m surprised of his decision not to attend considering his choice also to “very strongly oppose the hunting ban”. Animal welfare is obviously not high on his agenda. If it’s high on yours, vote for someone else next time.

Loraine Walker

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