PUMPKIN PARADE: Why spoil something so successful?

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I agree with Mr Atha and R Woods who are concerned that someone at South Holland District Council has taken a decision not to allow a few fairground rides for young children at the Pumpkin Festival.

It is certainly not the councillors for Spalding who have taken this decision. The proposal was not taken to Spalding Town Forum where Spalding councillors could have discussed the matter and perhaps put forward some suggestions to accommodate the fairground rides and the stalls.

Could it have been someone from out of town or maybe an officer?

Why couldn’t the people who made the decision have considered putting some of the stalls along New Road which is covered by Market Charter?

Perhaps some people visiting the stalls in that location would also visit some of the interesting shops, pubs and eating places in that area.

It would make a change from the taxis hogging most of the parking spaces.

Some stalls could also be placed in the walkway between Swan Street and the Pied Calf Yard, or maybe outside the Red Lion Quarter?

I believe the fun fair has been part and parcel of the Pumpkin Parade over the years and played a part in providing something for the youngsters both before and after the parade.

Coun Worth is quoted in the Lincolnshire Free Press saying: “The Pumpkin Parade is to promote healthy eating and food production in the area.” What a load of tosh.

Quite frankly the children don’t give a damn about that. The grown ups can visit the stalls and shops but we need something fun for the children.

I know a lot of families who visit the Pumpkin Parade and the three or four rides at the fun fair because it is a family event and in these tough times why spoil something that has been successful for years?

Coun Angela Newton