PUMPKIN PARADE: No flower parade – don’t ruin this as well

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What ‘No funfair’ (at this year’s Pumpkin Parade), not even a small one? It won’t be much fun for the children. I do hope they have been considered and they will find something of interest whilst we scutter round the very few stalls, which I hope will be better than last year.

The Pumpkin Parade could be made into a major event in the district. It has, in the past, been a busy event, but again if more thought was put into it, it may well attract more locals and visitors.

I would have certainly put amusements on the priority list and the children will have something to look forward to. This is an event held for the children! I am sure the district will benefit from the site rent.

The Flower Parade has been taken away, please don’t ruin the Pumpkin Parade as well. What could be a successful day and night may well be spoilt by not considering the young ones and letting them have that little bit of enjoyment at the fun fair.

R Woods