PUBLIC TOILETS: One of the most stupid replies I’ve ever read

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Roger Gambba-Jones’ letter about the Sheep Market public toilets in Spalding is one of the most powerfully stupid replies from a South Holland District councillor I’ve ever read (Spalding Guardian letters, September 12).

He will not apologise for the sorry state of public toilets because they are being used by some of the general public in a way that makes the cleaning tasks difficult.

He asserts that the staff who are paid to clean the convenience, are subject “to verbal and sometimes physical abuse” which, if true, is very regrettable.

However, when all is said and done, this is a management problem that he needs to pay careful attention to, instead of whining.

In my view, it is simply not a good enough for a portfolio holder to neglect his duty to maintain high standards. It’s not an apology we seek councillor, it is your paid duty to apply a standard of cleanliness in our latrines that conforms to a norm that is reasonable.

If you cannot meet this requirement, then get out of the way.

Stop making excuses and sort the job out; if you are able.

David Turp

via email