PUBLIC TOILETS: It will cost but what about attendants

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Regarding the letter in last week’s Guardian from D Stevens (re: filthy toilets).

I had been meaning to send a letter to you regarding the same thing at the end of June, purely because we had been on holiday to Scotland and obviously had cause to use public facilities when out and about.

None of the ones we used were anywhere near as bad as Spaldings – but the one we used in Dunbar caused me to take pictures as I was absolutely taken aback at how beautifully they were kept!

Needless to say I haven’t previously even thought of taking pictures of public toilets! They were spotlessly clean with flowers along sinks and the decor was very nice.

Not a trace of any litter anywhere. Sinks were sparkling, as were the toilets.

Admittedly there was an attendant – who was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. I commended her on the grand job she was doing which was greatfully received.

Also just outside there was a bowl for four legged friends to have a drink! My husband used the gents and said they were the same. On the wall there were a lot of certificates for “Best Kept Facility” .

Now this is something we could do with for Spalding – I know there are costs involved for attendants, but better that than have the unhealthy, unwelcome place it has become.

Marilyn McMahon

via email