PUBLIC TOILETS: Councillor in charge will not apologise

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I write in response to the letter entitled: “Why have you let them get so filthy?” (Letters, Spalding Guardian, September 5).

The toilets in Sheep Market, Spalding, are cleaned, mopped and re-stocked by mid-morning every Monday.

On Mondays, our public toilets take longer to clean after a weekend of heavy use and often, regrettably, severe misuse.

The staff then move on to carry out other numerous street cleansing tasks. The toilets are then re-visited mid/late afternoon and cleaned again. This is the general routine throughout the week.

Broken fittings etc are reported and then repaired as soon as practicable, but unfortunately, as with the toilet rolls, these are often stolen, or damaged again, almost immediately.

You will note that I have chosen not to apologise to the writer on this occasion. Although I do regret the fact that they have suffered this experience whilst using these facilities, this is not through any shortcomings of our long suffering and often verbally and, occasionally, physically abused street cleansing staff.

It is the yobs, vandals and thieves that are responsible for the poor state of these facilities and I call on the public to help us deal with this by calling the police on 101, should they witness any form of anti-social behaviour in any of our public toilets.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones

Portfolio holder for Street Scene South Holland District Council