Public sector workers are being relentlessly and unfairly targeted

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In response to South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter hitting out at the union pension protest as ‘an outrageous idea’ (Lincolnshire Free Press, November 15).

Yes, it is outrageous that this government refuses to negotiate in good faith and public sector workers, many of them lowly paid, are being relentlessly and unfairly targeted.

With their retirement incomes under threat, they have been pushed into a corner and it is with reluctance they are taking this form of action.

Here are some myth-busting facts:

nThe average public sector pension is £5,600 a year

nFor women this figure is below £4,000

nFor workers earning over £15,000, they will have to pay on average 50 per cent more in to their pensions and have to work longer, for less

nPaying 50 per cent more into their pension is the equivalent of a three per cent pay cut

Why should workers be expected to participate in a race to the bottom?

We should be raising pension standards for everybody, not driving them down. As Coun Porter would put it, how outrageous.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road