PUB SUPPORT: Where were the 700 when pub was open?

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I read with interest your article in September 3’s Free Press about the former public house the Dun Cow in Cowbit.

The local community turned out showing a terrific display of support to try to save “their local”.

Indeed, supposedly as many as 700 people have so far pledged their support for the deserved and much needed “place where everyone can come together”, “the heart of the village”.

Grand ideas indeed and rather a little too late I think. I question where this overwhelming support and community togetherness was when the pub was actually open.

If only a small percentage of the already nearly 700 locals had showed their support previously it would still be an open business and if such an asset to the community wouldn’t have shut in the first place.

It is easy to offer support to an idea of something but it is a fact that today’s modern village way of life, the commitments of those that choose to live in them to afford/live that life, have changed. Making it impossible for the majority of those that say they may want to support a local community venue; be it a village pub, shop, garage etc actually not being in any position to do so.

The small minority left that then utilise the facilities barely contribute enough to allow a business to pay the bills, let alone grow and prosper.

Yes every community needs this elusive place to come together but why should it be down to a private individual or company to provide this?

And surely if it really is a viable strong community then they’d come together wherever, maybe even utilising the village hall/church?

It is the sad face of progress, modernisation and 21st century living that local pubs are no longer the heart of a village, even if people are of the nostalgic view they should be. It’s too late once it’s gone to think what could have been.

Tabitha Irvine

via email