Promises have been broken

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I would like to express my horror and dismay at the way the children are being treated.

When it was first discussed that St Guthlac would close and an academy with George Farmer would emerge, there was great discontent in Crowland.

A working party was set up to help save the school, and then came the promise (made by Lincolnshire County Council and the Academy) that Year 9 (at the time) would complete their studies at St Guthlac.

That promise has been broken by individuals who do not care about the pupils, because if they did, they would not be moving students in a year which is so important.

The reason for the move is there are teachers saying they intend to leave at the end of this year and that there will not be enough teachers. Is this true, when redundancy notices have been given to teachers?

Also, I would be very wary if I had a pupil in Years 8 or 9, as these children are staying at St Guthlac. What sort of education are they going to get if there are not enough teachers?

I believe this is already a done deal and feel we have no one ready to fight for the rights of these kids.