POWER STATIONS: What have we done to deserve it?

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Sutton Bridge is a pleasant, rural village with wonderful wildlife habitats in the Wash and the River Nene. The only eyesore is the power station.

When I heard that there was a plan to build another power station twice the size, plus an enormous, and dangerous, incinerator, I decided the time had come to join the fight for Sutton Bridge, and this brought me for the first time into contact with South Holland District Council.

I have been shocked by what I have witnessed.

The district council appears determined to inflict this appalling development on us irrespective of the wishes and welfare of the village.

They are treating us with contempt and stony indifference, ignoring requests for information, and replying to complaints in unstamped envelopes.

I was prevented from speaking at the August 27 meeting on flimsy grounds, but on listening to what was said in the meeting I realised that we were up against an entrenched and prejudiced opposition, that they did not want to hear any other views, and that the council is determined to force these developments through – which would destroy our environment.

I find this incredible. I thought councils were elected and paid by us to look after our interests, so why are they not doing so?

Even our own elected councillor refuses to support us. What have they got against us? What have we done to deserve it? I have found no answer.

There has to be some reason why the council is acting in this short-sighted, irresponsible and perverse manner. Surely some of them must be fair-minded people with some common sense, but if so, it is not apparent.

If anybody knows the reason, I should love to hear it. In the meantime I have turned to the ombudsman in the hope that she or he can persuade the council to grow up and do the job it was elected for.

Nina Wells

Sutton Bridge