POWER STATION PLAN: Claims just to scare us

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Regarding the letter about the power station plan published in the Spalding Guardian on December 27: “Has he read the facts?”

Clearly K Mills has a bizarre interpretation of the word “facts”.

Anyone who believes that the wild, unquantifiable and totally outlandish claims about the benefits of a marina at Sutton Bridge, namely – “increase in the economic development; promote tourism; increase house prices”; are “facts”, really needs to check a dictionary.

Those claims are deeply flawed, because I have read the background; and yes, I do not have any faith in Nene Marine CIC Ltd, until it complies with the CIC regulations.

I have more faith in the “facts” provided by a company that has spent thousands of pounds, to ensure that the wishes of the public, raised in a number of public meetings, are met; and advising the public of the “facts”. The same “facts” which they are obliged to provide to South Holland District Council and the Environment Agency.

Furthermore, I believe that PREL will stick to their offer of £250,000 per year towards community projects. Whereas the £200,000 “spin-off” from the marina is just pie-in-the-sky.

Will 12 more chimneys spoil the skyline any worse than the two huge ones just down the road? What evidence does Mills have a) of the carcingenic propensities of PM1 and PM2.5, and over a 20 mile radius; b) that 300 jobs will not be created in the building phase, with between 85 – 100 thereafter, as advised by the company; c) that “rat runs” will be used by lorries, when the company have stated that all vehicles will have GPS tracking installed to prevent such abuses; d) of a huge increase in traffic movements through the village? K Mills’ “facts” are just scaremongering.

The claims by supporters of the old road scheme, that although 94 per cent of the people who voted for the removal of the road scheme, it was unrepresentative when measured against the total number of voters in Sutton Bridge. Those claims will be forgotten when the result of the poll is used to “prove” that the new power station is not wanted by the residents of Sutton Bridge.

Chris Brandon-King

Nightingale Way

Sutton Bridge