POPPY APPEAL: Thank you for your generous donations

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May I please beg the use of your letters page to express the grateful thanks of Pinchbeck Branch of The Royal British Legion and particularly of myself to the residents of this village and to our visitors for generosity shown in the recent Poppy Appeal.

Although our total receipts are less that for 2011, at just over £11,000 a not insignificant sum has been raised to further the work of the Legion in looking after ex-service men and women and their families.

Of this sum £8,788 was raised at Morrison’s Supermarket, and we are as usual very appreciative of the management of that store in allowing us to set up our stall there.

We are also very grateful to the customers of the store who, in this times of economic hardship, were so generous in their donations.

My thanks must also be conveyed to all the volunteers who helped by manning that stall, and who helped with counting the money in the collection tins. I must also express my thanks to the staff of Lloyds TSB Bank plc who cheerfully checked that we had the correct amounts in the various cash bags.

Tony Boyer

Honorary Poppy Appeal organiser, Pinchbeck