POPPY APPEAL: Appeal has raised £23K

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When the 2012/13 Poppy Appeal closed at the end of September the district had raised £22,662.08. However since the launch of the 2013/14 Poppy Appeal at the end of October, Spalding and the surrounding district has accrued £23,015.78 with a little more yet to be collected.

With the greater part of the Spalding Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal collections now counted and banked, the current total amount raised is £23,015.78.

This is some £350 ahead of last year’s campaign at this stage and is in no small part due to the effort put in by the volunteers who brave the elements and personal inconvenience to collect on behalf of our servicemen and women and their families.

Again Sainsbury’s collection point led the way in fund raising with some £8,062.35 being raised in-store by our collectors.

Baytree also continued with their generous support by again hosting a collection point. The resultant collection raised £1,933.35. Many thanks to Reinhardt Beihler, Nigel Wallis and all of the staff.

The remainder of the money raised was by the shops, stores, businesses, clubs and pubs. One hairdressers, Dad’ll Have a Grumble, even hit the local headlines when they were cruelly broken into and their collection can stolen. The great British public rallied round and raised over £265 to replace it, with one donor giving £100. Faith in human nature restored again. Thank you everyone who donated time, effort and cash, please don’t forget though, Poppy Appeal does not end with Remembrance tide. It carries on to September 30 2014 – please keep giving.

Peter Lyon

Poppy Appeal organiser

Spalding Branch

The Royal British Legion