POLITICS: Writer too soft on MP’s opponents

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I couldn’t agree more with the letter from P Warner about candidates living in the place they aim to represent (Lincs Free Press, Jan 27).

He/she is right; we are indeed well served by our local MP, John Hayes, who is diligent and hardworking. No less so, since he became a nationally prominent and highly regarded figure.

However, in my view, he/she is far too soft on Mr Hayes’ opponents. The likes of UKIP’s David Parsons – all very well for the, thankfully, small number of his apologists to play down his dodgy past! Apparently, in 2012, Mr Parsons was censured by a Leicestershire standards committee for breaking the councillors’ code of conduct FIVE times; disregarding four key principles of public life – honesty, integrity, accountability and leadership! Do we really want someone with history as dreadful as this representing us? No wonder he dare not move here to live before the election!

Richard Fairman, though charmingly eccentric, is at least local and should surely have been given another chance to contest the seat? Some may say that he’s too old? But, from reading your pages, it seems that Mr Parsons is beyond retirement age himself.

Andrew Livsey

via email