POLITICS: Why didn’t you stop the big boys?

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I’ve just been reading last week’s Spalding Guardian and it nearly brought tears to my eyes with our local MP John Hayes trying his best to explain why he only claimed £818.07 for his second home/offices energy bill, while other MPs claimed a considerable more.

Yes John I do understand you have done nothing inappropriate. Yes, you have done everything by the book, as stated.

Your claim should just about cover the increase in your energy bill. Let’s not forget all the other expenses you have or can claim which I’m sure will help.

In your short term position as energy minister, why was you not seen trying to stop all the energy big boys exploiting the country’s working people with all these price hikes.

In other words, trying to do something for your local constituency.

At last one of your MPs, former prime minister John Major, has suggested putting a windfall tax on the energy companies.

This was a suggestion I made at least two years ago on this page. Is there anyone listening out there? I doubt it. When you have a safe seat, why rock the boat?

I fully agree 100 per cent with the letter from Mr David Turp in the same paper.

David Barfoot

Shepeau Stow