POLITICS: When you’re next on the phone to Mr Cameron

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I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate The South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter on having the prime minister’s phone number on his speed dial.

Gary, could you please, when you ring Mr Cameron, ask him what else is he doing to help The British OAPs now he’s put up there tax allowance?

Don’t forget to thank him for lowering the millionaires tax allowance, not that it will affect me or millions of the other working class people.

Also ask, if it’s not too much trouble, would it be at all possible to cut the tax on fuel – that would help your local area, petrol for work, OAP heating etc.

I suggest he inflicts a windfall tax on all the fuel companies and passes it on to the OAP. He’s already taken £50 off of the winter fuel allowance for us.

I do hope this won’t waste the level of influence you have with David when you go straight to the top with my concerns.

From a very worried local voter and a new recruit to the OAP Party.

David Barfoot

Whaplode Drove