POLITICS: We will look at UKIP, but also the Tories

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Yes we will follow the advice of Coun Nick Worth and look at the alliance of UKIP and the KNP in the European Parliament.

Then we will go back and look at the Conservative Party’s partner, Poland’s Law and Justice Party. An even more outrageous group!

On the home front I’ve written to the Metropolitan Police Commisoner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, and am requesting that he look at the decision of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr Bercow, to oversee the destruction of all the paperwork relating to MPs’ expenses after three years. An action that stops all current invesigations in their tracks. This from an organisation that keeps employee records for 100 years!

I regard his actions a misfeance in public office and am looking at the Met to take action, but I won’t hold my breath.

Rick Stringer

Sutton St James