POLITICS: This is why so many are disillusioned

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Reading the letters page of October 14’s Lincolnshire Free Press and seeing the correspondence from Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones, it absolutely beggars belief and demonstrates with total clarity just why so many people in this country are disillusioned with, and disenfranchised from, politicians.

In his letter, in which he refers to a previous statement and comments made by Councillor Chris Brewis on the subject of the children’s playhouse furore, he levels the claim “arrogant dismissal of the complaining resident’s concerns” and also “unless of course he really doesn’t care about the impact on them”.

He really should be more careful in his criticisms of others. In this letters page on May 15 this year I had published an article in which I referred to a hair-dressing salon that had been set up surreptitiously in a garage in my street and all the problems associated thereto (eg: parking on pavements).

My letter also referred to a quote from a South Holland District Council officer who had informed me that they did not have the resources to investigate.

Not for Mr Gambba-Jones (as planning chairman) was the taking up of the matter. Oh no, preferring instead to post a comment on his Twitter account thus “to the gentleman moaning about hairdressers and car parking, etc, they’re local government officers not civil servants,” in an attempt to piously and sanctimoniously correct a comment at the end of my letter ( incidentally, when read properly it can be seen that it was a flippant remark).

Further, the use of the adjective “moaning” shows his contempt for the electorate in casually dismissing a genuine complaint.

One might have hoped that he would have been concerned for a number of reasons, not least the absence of any planning consents/consultations, and to this day the business continues, but, hey, let’s jump on a child’s playhouse straight away. Finally, a question to Mr. Gambba-Jones: Would YOU be just as strident but in completely the opposite direction if one of your voters had complained about a pop-up hairdressers five months ago?

Tony Bown

Whaplode St Catherine