POLITICS: They’re here to stay so get over it!

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With reference to Rodney Sadd’s letter of November 21 (in which he calls for a county by-election after UKIP councillors were expelled from their part – ed), I am afraid that on this occasion his letter is abject nonsense.

There is a precedence for this very occurence, in this area, in recent years.

I must first state that this is in no way, shape or form an attack on the individual, who is a very fine and honourable councillor.

However, Coun Bob Creese, of Whaplode and Holbeach-st-John’s ward, was elected to South Holland District Council as an independent candidate.

Shortly after taking up his office, he reverted back to the Conservative Party, of which he had previously been a member prior to his nomination.

I do not recall any vociferous soundings from the other (main) political parties at the time (possibly/probably due to the standing and measure of the man) but I believe my point is accurate and apposite. Could it be that Mr Sadd’s letter contains a personal agenda that is being covertly proposed as a community benefit?

It is high time the “main” political parties (or surreptitious advocates on their behalf) ceased this insidious bleating regarding the emergence and, quite frankly, meteoric rise of UKIP.

There are usurpers in your midst, new kids on the block, a new broom sweeping clean, monopoly breakers, and they’re here to stay. Get over it.

Tony Brown

Whaplode St Catherine