POLITICS: The public are a bunch of morons

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I have been prompted to write following your letter from Jan Hansen (Spalding Guardian, February 19).

When I visit a GP, I trust they have been career trained. Likewise my dentist and any other professional upon whose services I may depend.

Why should it be any different when it comes to voting for a candidate to form the Government under which I will be living?

It does not bother me, if, as Jan Hansen presumes, the career candidate thinks that I, as a member of the ‘public’, am a moron. Frankly, I would agree with them. Why? Because the ‘public’ are!

They do not vote when they have the opportunity. Then they whinge if the outcome does not suit them.

Those that do vote, often vote from a ‘pool’ of odd-ball candidates which includes well meaning independents along with the Loons, Fruits, Greens, Devolutionists, Unilateralists and other Hopelessistcases.

Then there is the ‘pond life’ element and finally the anarchists and other riff-raff, which together with the terrorist groups help to dilute the outcome of elections.

This is why we need career politicians to serve and protect us and our country – not a bunch of amateurs!

Forget the trivia, use your vote wisely.

R Trent

Gedney Hill