POLITICS: Stop going on about national policies UKIP

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Yet again a political representative fails to understand the limited roles and responsibilities of a local councillor. This time it’s UKIP agent Paul Foyster.

County and district councillors are there solely to best address local issues; they have little influence over national policies so rambling on about immigration, bedroom tax, etc has no place.

As to UKIP. This is a party that opposed gay marriage, supports smoking, denies climate change, considers that a hugely expensive nuclear deterrent has a part to play in a world that is no longer threatened by superpowers, believes that nuclear electricity generation is the only way forward – that one I find ironic as the only nation that knows how to build modern nuclear power stations is France – so much for UKIP’s fundamental principle of independence.

The list goes on…

Above all, UKIP currently proposes national policies that would likely cost UK taxpayers more than a trillion pounds, even when EU exit savings are deducted – that’s about £30,000 per household. And yet they give no indication as to how that revenue could otherwise be generated.

Paul Foyster is correct; at the moment UKIP are a bunch of amateurs. If they don’t get their act together soon, their 15 minutes of fame will soon be up.

Meanwhile, is the best we can expect from UKIP councillors the likes of reintroducing conkers into school playgrounds!?

Andrew MacDonald