POLITICS: Setting the record straight on the NHS

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Yet again, we in UKIP find ourselves responding to misrepresentations on our policies regarding the NHS.

The UKIP position on healthcare funding is simple – the NHS is and will remain funded through general taxation and free at the point of delivery. This is a position supported by by our leader Nigel Farage and our spokesman on health Louise Bours. The position has also been endorsed by the NEC.

A UKIP Government will ensure will ensure the NHS is free at the point of delivery and time of need for all UK residents. For those interested in our policies on the NHS we would also:

Stop further use of PFI in the NHS and encourage local authorities to buy out their PFI contracts early where this is affordable.

Ensure that GPs’ surgeries are open at least one evening per week, where there is demand for it.

Oppose plans to charge patients for visiting their GP.

Ensure that visitors to the UK, and migrants until they have paid NI for five years, have NHS-approved private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK, saving the NHS £2b pa. 
UKIP will commit to spending £200m of the £2b saving to end hospital car parking charges in England.

We would replace Monitor and the Care Quality Commission with elected county health boards to be more responsive scrutineers of local health services. 
These will be able to inspect health services and take evidence from whistle-blowers.

We would oppose the sale of NHS data to third parties.

We would ensure foreign health service professionals coming to work in the NHS are properly qualified and can speak English to a standard 
acceptable to the profession.

We will amend working time rules to give trainee doctors, surgeons and medics the proper environment to train and practice.

As your local UKIP MEPs we hope that sets the record straight.

Roger Helmer and

Margot Parker

UKIP MEPs for the 
East Midlands