POLITICS: Public thanks to councillor

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As a constituent of Anthony Casson I felt the need to express my public thanks to a hard working individual who has dedicated years to the thankless job of councillor.

Whenever contacted he has helped and facilitated solutions to many problems that both myself and the many groups I am associated with have encountered.

When he has been unable to support, he has been open and honest about his reasons why – a quality not often seen today.

I have never in the 23 years I have known him seen him openly criticise another for the benefit of his own PR or to inflate his own skills or capabilities by vilifying others. I have seen him challenge appropriately unacceptable behaviour and actions that have significant consequences to the community in which we live. I have seen him lead a team of litter pickers at 7am on a Saturday, support a single parent suffering depression due to living conditions to move to a better and safer environment, secure the future of bus links in the area, challenge road safety concerns around speed limits and accident hot spots and many more examples I can list.

I haven’t seen him back away from difficult issues or situations, but I have seen him adopt a pragmatic, objective approach in his response to those situations. I don’t always agree with his final decision but I respect the fact that he has given each and every situation careful and detailed consideration and that forms the basis of how he then responds.

He has made decisions I don’t agree with but he has always been brave enough to defend his reasons why. Democracy is indeed our greatest achievement and I will be giving my vote to the dedicated servant of the community.

Janet Bellamy

Weston Hills

EDITOR: Coun Casson was castigated for not representing his constituents by deciding not to vote against plans for a gypsy site in Cowbit.