POLITICS: Oh yes, there’s elections coming up

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As both a councillor and a director of Compass Point Business Services (CPBS), I read the letter “Inevitable failure to meet expectations” (Free Press, March 19) with interest.

I wondered: “Is it a personal attack on me?”

I wondered: “Is it an attack on the writer’s former employer?”

I wondered: “Is it an attack on the department in which he was an employee?”

I wondered: “Is it an attack on the council’s successful reduction in its cost base?”

Then I realised that county council elections are coming our way soon and that the writer will be standing as a representative of the “Lincolnshire Independent” party – along with the writer of the letter that followed his in the same edition.

Recently, I learned from the writer: “No Lincs Independents manifesto. Politics based on local people, setting local priorities and answering to local communities”.

In this context, it would be appropriate to understand his policies because support for CPBS comes from all sides of the South Holland Council chamber, including at least three “Lincolnshire Independent” party candidates who will be standing in the county elections.

No doubt the writer will let your readers know if his policies would exclude sharing services with other councils, preventing savings being achieved and thereby leading to additional costs for council tax payers to bear – the equivalent of an increase in excess of 25 per cent in South Holland council tax.

Alternatively, which services he would cut (and make staff redundant).

Two issues raised warrant a response. Firstly, the full capital costs in setting up CPBS – much of which would have been necessary in updating IT systems in any case – will be recovered within 25 months of inception.

Secondly, advance planning of future staffing needs in the run up to inception was managed so that, although unfortunate, 13 full and part-time staff were made redundant and not the writer’s alleged dozens.

The reduction in costs to South Holland District Council of the back office services carried out by CPBS in its first two years amount to £1.6m.

Again I ask the writer – increase council tax or cut services, what is your position?

Paul Przyszlak

via email