POLITICS: No wonder we are allowing UKIP to prosper

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Watching Ken Clarke (Andrew Marr Show, December 21) reminds me, all too painfully, how much we miss the once sensible, Tory idea of ‘one nation politics’.

What we have today from the Tory party is a little sad, and, in most cases odd.

Our own MP, is ‘Europhobic,’ 
albeit in a muted,career-minded, oportunist way; while his leader, David Cameron, is (and, in my view, quite rightly) a keen ‘Europhile’.

Are we, the British people, now disregarded to such an extent we are expected to put up with this nonsense? If so, then it is no wonder we are allowing an alien (to most of us) and an irrational, one policy, (anti immigration) party, UKIP to prosper.

TORIES GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. Please Cameron, start making the same case as Ken Clarke, by giving us a vision of what the EU can and will be, instead of ‘hedging your bets’ by offering an ‘in-out’ referendum that will, disasterously, take two years of ‘name-calling’ political campaigning and cost us tax payers millions.

Tories, why are you prepared to do this? We will never leave Europe... we never have in the past and will never in the future. Disbelievers, do a serious history check.

Finally, Ken Clarke was once a very competent ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ (unlike ‘deficit-denier’ Osbourne) and a true man on Europe. We need more of his ilk.

David Turp

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