POLITICS: Newsletters harming the environment

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With reference to Coun Brewis’ letter on newsletters, claiming that they are paid for by the councillors and are not financed from public funds.

In this electronic age why are they still using methods which are harmful to the environment, wasting paper and fuel?

It is a fact that many are discarded immediately along with the unsolicited literaure which invades our homes on a daily basis.

I am aware that some residents put it aside with the intention to read it at a later time, some of them are not read because time is not available to do so.

In his letter Coun Brewis claims that ‘many people thank us for the newsletters’. How many of them can truthfully say that they actually read them which after all is surely the purpose of the newsletters.

I suggest residents who actually read the newsletters contact the councillors and express concern that they continue to deliver them.

Most should be able to access the information online. Unfortunately it will be in competition with the other many distractions now available.

Beryl Jackson

Long Sutton