POLITICS: Mr Parsons should get facts right

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In contrast to (UKIP’s parliamentary candidate)David Parsons’ remarks that the “Tories just sat back and let the planning application for 50 new homes in Harvester Way be built” I would like to say how wrong can a prospective MP be?!

I started a petition on behalf of my neighbours and myself of Harvester Way, against the dangerous access for both existing residents and for any new ones.

I asked (Councillor) Angela Harrison for help as I have never done anything like this before and she has been fantastic. She has a real heart and passion for the people of Crowland .

She fought for us at two committee meetings and was gutted at the result as was I when we lost by just ONE vote!

For anyone who wonders, Angela is still helping us, but unlike David she doesn’t have to play against the other parties, or run to the newspapers, as the residents know that she lives and works alongside us and we love her for it.

Angela is still fighting for us regarding the dangerous access and the fragile infrastructure, so please be assured that no way are the “Tories sitting back”; on the contrary I wonder what David Parsons has been doing?

He certainly wasn’t at either of the two committee meetings and he certainly hasn’t been helping me with any of the three petitions that have been going around Crowland, so I think David Parsons, you should get your facts right first as you certainly won’t get people to trust you by being ignorant of the facts and making up the story.

John Hayes (MP) has also helped me by enabling me to gain access to a barrister to gain advice and he has also been working closely with Angela over this despite all the other issues that he has to deal with – so once again what David Parsons has said has been totally wrong.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of us residents of Crowland, to say a big “thank you” to Angela and John as they have been and still are working for us.

Helen Bobrowicz