POLITICS: Lucky to have our MP

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Once again your newspaper repeats the same old prejudice about MPs.

We are lucky in this area to have, in John Hayes, one of the most hardworking MPs in the country.

Mr Hayes, from humble origins, has risen to be one of the most senior members of the Government; working in 10 Downing Street for our Conservative prime minister. There was a time when that simply could not have happened because the only people who became MPs were those from or funded by the wealthiest elements in the country.

We have people like John in the House of Commons because David Lloyd George more than 100 years ago wisely introduced pay and allowances for MPs.

In fact, in proportionate terms, they are no better off now than they were then. Contrary to what some claim, MPs’ salaries and allowances have barely risen in comparison with similar occupations, and are much lower here in the UK than in many other rich countries.

I am grateful that a man of John Hayes’ calibre and character has chosen to earn less than he might in another job to serve us so well in South Holland and the Deepings.

Robert Thomas

Deeping St James