POLITICS: Leader not paid for Tory position

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I was disappointed to see the misleading letter in last week’s Free Press from the ex-member of South Holland District Council staff who is now a prospective Independent Group (?) councillor. (Jo Larrington)

He should have checked his facts before writing to the press, but given that he hadn’t I now need to write a letter to put the record straight.

As the Free Press recently reported, I am the newly-elected chairman of the Conservative Councillors’ Association and he is correct in that, but he

is wrong when he says I get paid for it – I don’t. It’s a purely voluntary position.

Whilst I think it is a great honour for me personally to be elected by our members nationally, it is also a sign of the high regard that our council is held in, nationally.

This and the other national position I hold are a great opportunity for me to meet senior national politicians to influence policy in a way that

supports the priorities that the people of South Holland say matter to them.

If at any time the Free Press want to follow this up I am more than happy to illustrate what types of benefit these positions bring to our community.

Gary Porter

South Holland District

Council leader

EDITOR: We will be taking Mr Porter up on his offer.